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Best Interest Rates

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"Best Interest Rates"

Best Interest Rates
Last update: 30th of April 2023

Best interest rates on savings accounts, fixed deposits, mortgage loans in real time!
The financial comparison app lists daily conditions for interest-bearing deposits and loans, which are currently offered by banks and financial services in Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands.
When comparing the quotes, the investment or loan amount, term and purpose of the loan and other limits specified by the user are respected.
For each financial product infos can be obtained and the direct link to the provider can be accessed.
Comparison is offered for the following banking products:
- Daily allowances,
- Fixed deposits,
- Current account,
- Business account,
- Crowdinvesting,
- Loan,
- Car loan,
- Mini loan,
- Mortgage,
- Credit card,
- Broker.

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Best Interest Rates

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