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Gold Investment

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"Gold Investment"

Gold Investment
Last update: 07.10.2018

Current prices for precious metals, ingots and coins around the world.
The 1x1 widget shows the current market prices for gold and silver.
For enlargement of one chart please click on it.
The available sources can be configured via the menu item Sources.

List of data sources:
current spot prices for gold and silver,
London fixing prices for precious metals,
World Gold Council,
central banks of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil (coins), Jamaica (coins), Malaysia, Oman, Russia (reference prices, coins), Turkmenistan, Ukraine (reference prices and coins),
mints of Australia, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, and USA,
commodity exchanges of China, India, Japan, Nepal, Turkey, and South Korea,
Comptoir National de l'Or (France),
Bars and coins of Anlagegold24 (Germany),
Heraeus Precious Metals (Germany),
Bars and coins of Bank of China (Hong Kong),
Israel Coins and Medals Corp.,
Tanaka Precious Metals (Japan),
Dutch Bullion (Netherlands),
New Zealand Post,
Karachi Saraf Jewellers Group (Pakistan),
Sberbank of Russia (reference prices, widget),
Gold Central Sweden,
Ausiris Gold (Thailand),
Cookson Precious Metals UK,
Johnson Matthey (United Kingdom),
Saigon Jewelry Company (Vietnam),
coins and bars on eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Canada, eBay Australia and other regional auction platforms.

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Gold Investment

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