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Reserve Bank of Australia Reserve Bank of Australia

Australian Dollar (AUD): Official foreign exchange reference rates as at 2023-12-04

   Code  Nominal  Name  Rate
Swiss Franc AUD/CHF  1  Swiss Franc  0.5794 Chart
Chinese Renminbi AUD/CNY  1  Chinese Renminbi  4.7503 Chart
Euro AUD/EUR  1  Euro  0.6122 Chart
British Pound AUD/GBP  1  British Pound  0.5251 Chart
Hong Kong Dollar AUD/HKD  1  Hong Kong Dollar  5.2013 Chart
Indonesian Rupiah AUD/IDR  1  Indonesian Rupiah  10292 Chart
Indian Rupee AUD/INR  1  Indian Rupee  55.46 Chart
Japanese Yen AUD/JPY  1  Japanese Yen  97.71 Chart
South Korean Won AUD/KRW  1  South Korean Won  867.66 Chart
Malaysian Ringgit AUD/MYR  1  Malaysian Ringgit  3.1034 Chart
New Zealand Dollar AUD/NZD  1  New Zealand Dollar  1.0742 Chart
Philippine Peso AUD/PHP  1  Philippine Peso  36.83 Chart
Singapore Dollar AUD/SGD  1  Singapore Dollar  0.8884 Chart
Thai Baht AUD/THB  1  Thai Baht  23.24 Chart
Taiwan Dollar AUD/TWD  1  Taiwan Dollar  20.86 Chart
US Dollar AUD/USD  1  US Dollar  0.6656 Chart
Vietnam Dong AUD/VND  1  Vietnam Dong  16133 Chart
IMF Special Drawing Rights AUD/XDR  1  IMF Special Drawing Rights  0.4996 Chart


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