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Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina<br>(Centralna banka Bosna i Hercegovina) Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(Centralna banka Bosna i Hercegovina)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark (BAM): Official foreign exchange reference rates as at 2021-05-12

   Code  Nominal
 Name  Rate
Australian Dollar AUD/BAM  1  Australian Dollar  1,261094 Chart
Canadian Dollar CAD/BAM  1  Canadian Dollar  1,327877 Chart
Swiss Franc CHF/BAM  1  Swiss Franc  1,781915 Chart
Chinese Renminbi CNY/BAM  1  Chinese Renminbi  0,250180 Chart
Czech Koruna CZK/BAM  1  Czech Koruna  0,076486 Chart
Danish Krone DKK/BAM  1  Danish Krone  0,263022 Chart
Euro EUR/BAM  1  Euro  1,955830 Chart
British Pound GBP/BAM  1  British Pound  2,273877 Chart
Croatian Kuna HRK/BAM  100  Croatian Kuna  25,943863 Chart
Hungarian Forint HUF/BAM  100  Hungarian Forint  0,545803 Chart
Japanese Yen JPY/BAM  100  Japanese Yen  1,480344 Chart
Norwegian Krone NOK/BAM  1  Norwegian Krone  0,194959 Chart
Serbian Dinar RSD/BAM  100  Serbian Dinar  1,663476 Chart
Russian Ruble RUB/BAM  1  Russian Ruble  0,021733 Chart
Swedish Krona SEK/BAM  1  Swedish Krona  0,193398 Chart
Turkish Lira TRY/BAM  1  Turkish Lira  0,194010 Chart
US Dollar USD/BAM  1  US Dollar  1,607091 Chart
IMF Special Drawing Rights XDR/BAM  1  IMF Special Drawing Rights  2,318265 Chart


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