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Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea

Guinea Franc (GNF): Official foreign exchange reference rates as at 06.10.2023

   Code  Nominal  Name  Rate  Chart
Euro EUR/GNF  1  Euro  8935.4889 Chart
Chinese Renminbi CNY/GNF  1  Chinese Renminbi  1161.2095 Chart
CFA Franc (BEAC) XAF/GNF  1  CFA Franc (BEAC)  11121.5247 Chart
Japanese Yen JPY/GNF  1  Japanese Yen  57.0495 Chart
Danish Krone DKK/GNF  1  Danish Krone  1198.1441 Chart
IMF Special Drawing Rights XDR/GNF  1  IMF Special Drawing Rights  11121.5247 Chart
Swedish Krona SEK/GNF  1  Swedish Krona  767.6699 Chart
Norwegian Krone NOK/GNF  1  Norwegian Krone  772.2798 Chart
Canadian Dollar CAD/GNF  1  Canadian Dollar  6180.8207 Chart
CFA Franc (BCEAO) XOF/GNF  1  CFA Franc (BCEAO)  13.6221 Chart
British Pound GBP/GNF  1  British Pound  10303.0694 Chart
US Dollar USD/GNF  1  US Dollar  8488.9708 Chart
Swiss Franc CHF/GNF  1  Swiss Franc  9269.4572 Chart
Saudi Riyal SAR/GNF  1  Saudi Riyal  2263.7307 Chart


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