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Central Bank of Kenya Central Bank of Kenya

Kenyan Shilling (KES): Official foreign exchange reference rates as at 2024-01-04

   Code  Nominal  Name  Rate  Chart
South African Rand ZAR/KES  1  South African Rand  8.3812 Chart
Chinese Renminbi CNY/KES  1  Chinese Renminbi  22.0166 Chart
UAE Dirham AED/KES  1  UAE Dirham  42.8538 Chart
Saudi Riyal SAR/KES  1  Saudi Riyal  41.9676 Chart
Swiss Franc CHF/KES  1  Swiss Franc  184.4285 Chart
British Pound GBP/KES  1  British Pound  198.9459 Chart
Ugandan Shilling KES/UGX  1  Ugandan Shilling  24.2234 Chart
Indian Rupee INR/KES  1  Indian Rupee  1.8893 Chart
Tanzanian Shilling KES/TZS  1  Tanzanian Shilling  15.9922 Chart
Australian Dollar AUD/KES  1  Australian Dollar  105.8299 Chart
Japanese Yen JPY/KES  100  Japanese Yen  110.1215 Chart
Burundi Franc KES/BIF  1  Burundi Franc  18.1018 Chart
Canadian Dollar CAD/KES  1  Canadian Dollar  117.8343 Chart
Rwandan Franc KES/RWF  1  Rwandan Franc  8.0026 Chart
Danish Krone DKK/KES  1  Danish Krone  23.0471 Chart
US Dollar USD/KES  1  US Dollar  157.3912 Chart
Norwegian Krone NOK/KES  1  Norwegian Krone  15.1787 Chart
Singapore Dollar SGD/KES  1  Singapore Dollar  118.4774 Chart
Swedish Krona SEK/KES  1  Swedish Krona  15.3662 Chart
Hong Kong Dollar HKD/KES  1  Hong Kong Dollar  20.1574 Chart
Euro EUR/KES  1  Euro  172.2168 Chart


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