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Central Bank of Myanmar<br>(မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတော်ဗဟိုဘဏ်) Central Bank of Myanmar

Myanmar Kyat (MMK): Official foreign exchange reference rates as at Fri, 03 Jul 2020 08:00:00 +0000

   Code  Nominal
Australian Dollar AUD/MMK  1  Australian Dollar  950.20 Chart
Bangladesh Taka BDT/MMK  1  Bangladesh Taka  16.144 Chart
Brunei Dollar BND/MMK  1  Brunei Dollar  982.20 Chart
Brazilian Real BRL/MMK  1  Brazilian Real  255.55 Chart
Canadian Dollar CAD/MMK  1  Canadian Dollar  1,009.7 Chart
Swiss Franc CHF/MMK  1  Swiss Franc  1,447.7 Chart
Chinese Renminbi<br>(Chinese Yuan) CNY/MMK  1  Chinese Renminbi
(Chinese Yuan) 
 193.82 Chart
Czech Koruna CZK/MMK  1  Czech Koruna  57.815 Chart
Danish Krone DKK/MMK  1  Danish Krone  206.54 Chart
Egyptian Pound EGP/MMK  1  Egyptian Pound  84.969 Chart
Euro EUR/MMK  1  Euro  1,539.0 Chart
British Pound<br>(Pound Sterling) GBP/MMK  1  British Pound
(Pound Sterling) 
 1,706.4 Chart
Hong Kong Dollar HKD/MMK  1  Hong Kong Dollar  176.73 Chart
Indonesian Rupiah IDR/MMK  100  Indonesian Rupiah  9.4400 Chart
Israeli Shekel ILS/MMK  1  Israeli Shekel  398.90 Chart
Indian Rupee INR/MMK  1  Indian Rupee  18.343 Chart
Japanese Yen JPY/MMK  100  Japanese Yen  1,274.7 Chart
Kenyan Shilling<br>(Kenya Shilling) KES/MMK  1  Kenyan Shilling
(Kenya Shilling) 
 12.837 Chart
Cambodia Riel<br>(Cambodian Riel) KHR/MMK  100  Cambodia Riel
(Cambodian Riel) 
 33.326 Chart
South Korean Won<br>(Korean Won) KRW/MMK  100  South Korean Won
(Korean Won) 
 114.23 Chart
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD/MMK  1  Kuwaiti Dinar  4,450.0 Chart
Lao Kip LAK/MMK  100  Lao Kip  15.162 Chart
Sri Lanka Rupee<br>(Sri Lankan Rupee) LKR/MMK  1  Sri Lanka Rupee
(Sri Lankan Rupee) 
 7.3679 Chart
Malaysian Ringgit MYR/MMK  1  Malaysian Ringgit  319.50 Chart
Norwegian Krone<br>(Norwegian Kroner) NOK/MMK  1  Norwegian Krone
(Norwegian Kroner) 
 144.15 Chart
Nepalese Rupee NPR/MMK  1  Nepalese Rupee  11.470 Chart
New Zealand Dollar NZD/MMK  1  New Zealand Dollar  894.30 Chart
Philippine Peso<br>(Philippines Peso) PHP/MMK  1  Philippine Peso
(Philippines Peso) 
 27.682 Chart
Pakistani Rupee PKR/MMK  1  Pakistani Rupee  8.2090 Chart
Serbian Dinar RSD/MMK  1  Serbian Dinar  13.085 Chart
Russian Ruble<br>(Russian Rouble) RUB/MMK  1  Russian Ruble
(Russian Rouble) 
 19.413 Chart
Saudi Riyal<br>(Saudi Arabian Riyal) SAR/MMK  1  Saudi Riyal
(Saudi Arabian Riyal) 
 365.16 Chart
Swedish Krona SEK/MMK  1  Swedish Krona  147.10 Chart
Singapore Dollar SGD/MMK  1  Singapore Dollar  982.20 Chart
Thai Baht THB/MMK  1  Thai Baht  44.028 Chart
US Dollar<br>(United State) USD/MMK  1  US Dollar
(United State) 
 1,369.7 Chart
Vietnam Dong<br>(Vietnamese Dong) VND/MMK  100  Vietnam Dong
(Vietnamese Dong) 
 5.9036 Chart
South African Rand<br>(South Africa Rand) ZAR/MMK  1  South African Rand
(South Africa Rand) 
 80.880 Chart


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