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Central Bank of Suriname Central Bank of Suriname

Surinam Dollar (SRD): Official foreign exchange reference rates as at 06 mei 2022

   Code  Nominal  Name  Rate  Chart
East Caribbean Dollar XCD/SRD  1  East Caribbean Dollar  7.673 Chart
British Pound GBP/SRD  1  British Pound  25.574 Chart
US Dollar USD/SRD  1  US Dollar  20.717 Chart
Barbados Dollar BBD/SRD  1  Barbados Dollar  10.213 Chart
Guyana Dollar GYD/SRD  100  Guyana Dollar  9.844 Chart
Euro EUR/SRD  1  Euro  21.627 Chart
Brazilian Real BRL/SRD  1  Brazilian Real  4.117 Chart
Chinese Renminbi CNY/SRD  1  Chinese Renminbi  3.106 Chart
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD/SRD  1  Trinidad and Tobago Dollar  3.058 Chart
Netherlands Antillean guilder ANG/SRD  1  Netherlands Antillean guilder  11.383 Chart
Aruba Florin AWG/SRD  1  Aruba Florin  11.509 Chart


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