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U.S. Federal Reserve System U.S. Federal Reserve System

US Dollar (USD): Official foreign exchange reference rates as at 2024-04-05

   Code  Nominal  Name
Australian Dollar<br>(Australia Dollar (USD per AUD)) AUD/USD  1  Australian Dollar
(Australia Dollar (USD per AUD)) 
 0.6584 Chart
Brazilian Real<br>(Brazil Real) USD/BRL  1  Brazilian Real
(Brazil Real) 
 5.0638 Chart
Canadian Dollar<br>(Canada Dollar) USD/CAD  1  Canadian Dollar
(Canada Dollar) 
 1.3580 Chart
Swiss Franc<br>(Switzerland Franc) USD/CHF  1  Swiss Franc
(Switzerland Franc) 
 0.9005 Chart
Chinese Renminbi<br>(China, P.R. Yuan) USD/CNY  1  Chinese Renminbi
(China, P.R. Yuan) 
 7.2339 Chart
Danish Krone<br>(Denmark Krone) USD/DKK  1  Danish Krone
(Denmark Krone) 
 6.8806 Chart
Euro<br>(EMU Members Euro (USD per EUR)) EUR/USD  1  Euro
(EMU Members Euro (USD per EUR)) 
 1.0841 Chart
British Pound<br>(United Kingdom Pound (USD per GBP)) GBP/USD  1  British Pound
(United Kingdom Pound (USD per GBP)) 
 1.2633 Chart
Hong Kong Dollar USD/HKD  1  Hong Kong Dollar  7.8284 Chart
Indian Rupee<br>(India Rupee) USD/INR  1  Indian Rupee
(India Rupee) 
 83.2900 Chart
Japanese Yen<br>(Japan Yen) USD/JPY  1  Japanese Yen
(Japan Yen) 
 151.5900 Chart
South Korean Won<br>(South Korea Won) USD/KRW  1  South Korean Won
(South Korea Won) 
 1352.5800 Chart
Sri Lanka Rupee USD/LKR  1  Sri Lanka Rupee  299.2000 Chart
Mexican Peso<br>(Mexico Peso) USD/MXN  1  Mexican Peso
(Mexico Peso) 
 16.4809 Chart
Malaysian Ringgit<br>(Malaysia Ringgit) USD/MYR  1  Malaysian Ringgit
(Malaysia Ringgit) 
 4.7449 Chart
Norwegian Krone<br>(Norway Krone) USD/NOK  1  Norwegian Krone
(Norway Krone) 
 10.7150 Chart
New Zealand Dollar<br>(New Zealand Dollar (USD per NZD)) NZD/USD  1  New Zealand Dollar
(New Zealand Dollar (USD per NZD)) 
 0.6020 Chart
Swedish Krona<br>(Sweden Krona) USD/SEK  1  Swedish Krona
(Sweden Krona) 
 10.6267 Chart
Singapore Dollar USD/SGD  1  Singapore Dollar  1.3478 Chart
Thai Baht<br>(Thailand Baht) USD/THB  1  Thai Baht
(Thailand Baht) 
 36.5900 Chart
Taiwan Dollar USD/TWD  1  Taiwan Dollar  32.0900 Chart
Venezuelan Bolivar<br>(Venezuela Bolivar) USD/VES  1  Venezuelan Bolivar
(Venezuela Bolivar) 
 36.1200 Chart
South African Rand<br>(South Africa Rand) USD/ZAR  1  South African Rand
(South Africa Rand) 
 18.6497 Chart


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